Monday, March 17

Cmon, Cincinnati

Jimmy Buffet sells out in 10 minutes. Charging $136 and $36 Pavilion and Lawn respectively. Christ. That's insane people.
You could use that money to actually go to Florida and not be bothered with listening to that music.
(Full disclosure: I went to a few of these parties in the early 90s....I was there for the beer. If it were a sober fucking way.)
What is the hold he has on you Cincinnati? Is it because he name-checks the Queen City in Cheeseburger in Paradise? God I hope not. That's really sad.
I look forward to the day when a Jimmy Buffet concert goes on sale and nobody is in line. Mostly because i want Jimmy to stop touring and concentrate more on his writing.

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timmmii said...

Cartman says it best: "Nobody likes jimmy buffett but frat boys and alcoholic chicks from the south." I couldn't agree more.
here's video from the show: