Monday, March 17

They'll Write Books About This One

The basketball tournament that combined sports and a disaster flick.

• Was listening to the game on XM when the tornado hit and the announcers sounded calm, yet scared.

• Did overtime save the lives of dozens possibly hundreds? Its possible. Had the Mississippi State/Alabama game ended on time there would have hundreds (thousands) of people in the street leaving the Dome when the tornado hit. With overtime everyone stayed inside.

• Can't imagine the work and manpower that went into rescheduling the tournament – getting a new venue ready, moving TV and radio equiptment, Devising the plan, all, literally, in the middle of the night. There needs to be a long article/book about everything that happened.

• I'm so jealous of the Georgia Bulldogs. I really wanted Kentucky to get the opportunity to win two games in a day and go on to the title game. Alas, a kid from Dunwoody took care of that.

• I was rooting for Georgia to win the title even though I thought Georgia taking another NCAA spot would be the end of Kentucky's Tournament hopes (It wasn't). The Georgia win was one of the greatest feats by a team i've seen. Magical run. Storybook stuff.

• Seeing Arkansas coach John Pelphry (former Wildcat) yell "Shut The Fuck Up" to a Tennessee player who was talking shit made my day. Arkansas won 92-91. Nice.

• I understand 70-80% of what Bill Rafterey says...its usually the final two words I have trouble with. He's insane. He's like a lab experiment of what happens to someone completely overtaken by his catchphrase schtick. Its sad.

• Billie Gillispie may want to read his rule book a little closer.

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