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The last film ended with Godzilla entombed in ice somewhere north of Japan. The USS Seahawk, a nuclear submarine is patrolling the waters when they run into an iceberg. Ask Rose if running into an iceberg is ever a good thing. This iceberg is even worse because it is the very same iceberg containing the frozen body of Godzilla. Iceberg.

The doomed USS Seahawk. What will their memorial look like?

Pointing in terror...At the ceiling of the windowless submarine.

If stored properly a Godzilla will bring you a lifetime of joy.

Dear Japan. I have returned. To kill everyone. Love, Godzilla.

The USS Seahawk...destroyed. Godzilla...on the loose,cold as hell and headed for Japan to get warm roasting cities.
Meanwhile, a Japanese pharmaceutical company discovers some precious berries on a distant island. One problem, the island is said to be protected by a giant creature. Regardless, the company dispatches two guys to 1) Get the berries and 2) Snag the monster for promotional purposes.

Mitt Romney’s cousin has some magical berries.

Smokes for the kids

When a giant octopus comes ashore for the berries, Kong protects his stash.

What better way to celebrate an eight-legged ass-kicking? Island Berry Juice.

ALCHOHOLIC Island Berry Juice. Kong is passed out drunk. No more yanky my wanky. The Konger need food.

Mission accomplished. The natives were bought off with cigarettes and booze and the company gets a giant drunked-up gorilla. Win-Win.
So now we have two giant monsters headed for Japan. Total fucking panic! Godzilla smashes some stuff. Kong smashes some stuff. Hey! I got it. Let's get Kong drunk, attach large balloons to him and float him to where Godzilla is hanging out so they fight...hopefully to the death.

While in Tokyo Kong takes a hostage and destroys a train. Nice manners. A-hole-San.

After Kong wrecks the city the military gets him drunk and straps balloons on him floating him to Godzilla so they fight.

Sadly the Oscar for special effects had yet to be established in 1962.

Really Japan? Do you think *maybe* this plan lacks foresight and *possibly* has greater potential for disaster than success? I hate to say it, but maybe a nuclear bomb or two might make this problem go away. You have to admit, its a dire situation you are in. Stop taking the high-road. Blow these fuckers up and get on with your lives.
The air-force drop offs a hung-over (not fair) Kong where Godzilla has set up shop at the base of Mt. Fuji. Its a pretty one-sided battle at first with Godzilla roasting Kong alive with his death-breath. Its looking bad for Kong when he an electrical storm rolls in and energizes the ape. Kong springs back into action, shoves a tree down godzilla's throat, destroys Atami Castle and with Godzilla falls off a cliff into the sea.

Mt. Fuji. Spiritual heart of Japan...and site of SUPER MONSTER SMACKDOWN 1962!

Godzilla’s fire breath beats the drunken ape.

It looks accidental enough, but i get the feeling Godzilla and friends get off on destroying buildings.

The tide is about to turn. Godzilla....

Kong and Godzilla locked in a death embrace fall into the ocean.Who won? Well, Kong was the only one seen swimming away.

Once again. Godzilla is defeated. Never to be seen again.

FILM: King Kong Versus Godzilla
YEARS: 1962
SERIES: 4 of 26
MONSTERS: Godzilla, King Kong
DESTROYED: Parts of Tokyo, Huts on Faro Island
NOTABLE: Atami Castle, Some Mount Fuji forestry, A train
DEATH TOLL: Dozens to hundreds. The Japanese Military suffers greatly.


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