Wednesday, March 12

Final Thoughts on KKVG

• Remember watching this on the day i recieved my first communion (1978-79-80?). I was watching it in my room when I should have been getting dressed (in my super sweet drown polyester suit)- Mom came up and saw I was not getting dressed and turned off the TV. I was bummed, but luckily i got to eat some of Jesus' flesh and unlocked the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven.

• Could have swore this movie was in Black and white. That's how I remember it. Turns out I remember it correctly...I was watching it on a black and white TV.

• I always rooted for Godzilla. I remember being annoyed when Godzilla was defeated by King Kong. For years I had read or heard the U.S. and Japanese endings of this film were different. In the U.S. version Kong wins. Japanese version...Godzilla wins. Turns out this is a myth. One ending. Kong Wins.

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