Wednesday, March 12


I was able to score every studio recording the Swedish supergroup has released. From Ring, Ring to The Visitors. Its all there. Dancing Queen, Fernando, SOS, Hey, Hey Helen and large chunks of stuff I haven't heard before. Yeah its a little cheesy, but once you get past the jumpsuits you'll find a music group that knew how to write catchy fun music that's still being used by musicians today. I do suppose this makes me the least hip-hop person on the planet at this point. Meh.


timmmii said...

i'm so flabbergasted by this post i don't know what to say.
other that i'm flabbergasted.
though i've always been more partial to "S.O.S." than "Voulez Vous." ;)

AE said...

I'm a "Waterloo" girl myself. Mike is still very hip-hop.