Wednesday, January 16

Apple Has Terrible Taste In Music

"there was a audible murmur of letdown when Jobs ended the presentation not with his patented “one more thing,” but with a couple musical numbers from songwriter Randy Newman."

Randy Newman? Really? I love Apple, but damn do i hate Apple's taste in music.
•Could Steve Jobs be any more geh for John Mayer? What an asshole.
•Feist...I'm sorry, breathy songs about counting suck. You may love Feist, but that song is awful
• Mary J. Blige.....MJB is what white men listen to when they want to feel edgy and dangerous.
•CSS- Any song talking about music being one's boyfriend AND girlfriend is 1) dumb and 2) trying too hard.

So yeah. I've decided if Apple were a person i'd hate what was on their ipod. For a company on the cutting edge it has the musical taste of my mom.

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tim said...

agreed, horrible taste in music. but they want mainstream americana to buy into it dontcha know.
btw, have you noticed that steve jobs' head increasingly looks like it's attached to a robot body that doesn't quite fit?,,20171995,00.html?xid=rss-todayslatest-20080116-On+the+scene+at+Macworld