Thursday, May 17


After about a year, i'm making my first visit home next weekend! I arrive in the Queen city Friday May 24 in the morning and return to L.A. May 29 (Tuesday) morning.
I'm pretty excited. I hope to see a lot of my CiN comrades. maybe at Taste Of Cincinnati? Maybe at a bad baseball game (or two)? Maybe watch a bad baseball game on TV at The City View Tavern? Hell... Maybe I should work the CiN Booth at Taste. regardless, I hope to see you guys a lot. More later.

*now the Ozzy Osbourne song of the same name should be bouncing around your head. For this, I am sorry. Its bouncing around my head too. We're all in this together. maybe a coney will spell relief?

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Kari said...

Or maybe you should work in the CiN offices on Friday! Just kidding, but welcome home!