Tuesday, January 9

I need to work on my game

Yesterday sucked. Work was light and I was on track to leave early. I've been wanting to get home before dark and work on my Ghostriding The Whip skills for a few weeks. Well, wouldn't you know it, Corky Jenkins came by my desk and wanted me to print out 120 car diagrams. I didn't get home until 7 p.m. much too late to work on my ghostriding.

I try not to half-ass things and that includes jumping out of my car and hopping on the roof while its moving. Yeah, i can do it ok, but my transition from driving to roof dancing is jerky at best. I see so many idiots just jumping on their roof while their car is moving and then having no good dance moves. Not me.

So hopefully today I can get my sorry ass down to the BevMo parking lot and work out the kinks in my game.


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Big Primpin' said...

So since you have no "Contact Me" link on your blog, I have to refer to this weak move for all to witness.

Hi Mike. John Wise here. I Googled you and now I'm saying hello. Keep in touch, dude. Congrats on upgrading from Cincinnati to Santa Monica.