Thursday, August 31

I got to see the reds lose 3 times!

Last week I went to all three games at Dodger Stadium...even the 16 inning one.
I'm also going to Petco Park in San Diego for the Sunday game against the Padres. I was pretty excited about their westward swing. I just hoped to see them go .500 and stay in the playoff hunt.
I still hope the Reds grow a pair and win with some consistency, but i'm thinking Dodger Stadium may be the gravesite for the Reds postseason hopes.
i'll still watch until the end, but its looking bleak.

at least I took some fun photos for a collage. These were taken from the bleachers in Left Field. (if you click on them they get bigger)

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Dan said...

Mike, I'm pretty jealous of you ballpark adventures over the past week. I've been to both Petco and AT&T and they are awesome parks. Too bad the Reds started to head down the drain while on the west coast. I would love to see the Rose Bowl & Dodger Stadium as well. Nice trips... Isn't public transportation grand? G and I took the trains everywhere when we have been to San Diego and San Fran.