Tuesday, August 29

Goodbye Stella.

Last tuesday (Aug. 22) we took Stella and her housemate Isis to the vet for imunization shots. The vet looked at Stella and said "This is a very sick cat."
We were shocked. We had no idea.
She was being a lazy the last week or so, but she's always been kinda lazy.

We don't know why Stella stopped eating (and we don't know when either) but it caused this condition known as Feline Hapatic Lipidosis.

She was hospitalized and given a feeding tube which fed her antibiotics, food and small doses of painkillers.

I called Wednesday night and they told me her condition had not changed one way or the other.

Anne Elisabeth and I in the meantime had been doing research on what we would need to do for her when she got home. The websites said it was easliy treated if caught early.

Its strange how unconcerned i was. We thought "we really got lucky. We didn't know she was sick and took her into the vet for something unrelated and now shes gonna get better."

The vet was to call Thursday morning and we would go in and learn how to mix her food and medicine and feed her from home. I was ready. I was excited to get her better.

I put my phone by the bed.

The vet called early and told me she had died overnight.
I'd say it was like being punched, but it wasn't. It was emptiness.

I miss my kitty. I loved her so much and I know she loved me too. It was me and her for 10 years. People would remark we were like roomates. She put up with me and i put up with her (apparently meowing at 5:30 in the morning so i'll go upstairs with her is a reasonable thing for a kitty to do)

Still. All the pain we are feeling. I'll take it. She was worth the pain.

Please keep an eye on your kitties...more info about the disease:


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I'm so sorry, Mike.

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