Friday, December 12


in fact, i just screwed myself by typing this. DAMN!
Expect big things in the new year from this blog, including:
• Ferret Porn
• Lifestyles of The Ordinary and Addicted To John Mayer
• Diplomatic Immunity: The Musical
• The Making of Diplomatic Immunity: The Musical
• Don't Look At Me Jerk- A Johnathan Holstrom Mystery
• Celebrity Co-Signers
• Charles Kuralt Drank My Blood-Twice
• Jonesin For Jazz (a weekly roundup of all the best in Jazz)
• I Got The Blues (a weekly roundup of all the best in Jazz-Fusion)
• 99.9999% of people who wear Polo branded gear have never seen a polo match. Something is kinda wrong with that
• "I Got No Heart-No Soul" brand greeting cards
• Celestial Seasonings Astronomy School
• Fuck Off! (and other ways to get attention at Church)

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