Sunday, November 2

circa 1988

from my "files"


Kelly said...

That's the first election I remember! I was in second grade. All our parents were voting for Bush Sr., so of course we were all "voting" for him too (I think I made campaign buttons out of paper).

My best friend said she was for Dukakis, and we told her that was the stupidest thing ever. She said he could bring change, and I was just appalled. She changed her mind before the election.

Mike_R said...

The 1st election I remember is Carter/Reagan in 1980. I must admit I would have been a Reagan democrat in 1984 (things were finally going good- don't mess with success)- But by Iran/Contra I was anti-Reagan/Bush and anti GOP. I remember chanting "BUSH-NORIEGA" during the 1988 election season. I was for Babbitt in 1988 and Tsongas in 1992.

btw. I took a lot of shit for being a Democrat at EKU...not a liberal bastion (but i still love the place)