Friday, September 19


Must i really show my bruised foot to literally tens of people? I think the answer is yes. The world needs to know so they won't walk off of 2-foot step you don't know about. Ouch. To my credit...I didn't fall and i didn't spill my beer. A semi-horrified onlooker was rightly impressed.


Kelly said...

Yeek. What was this hazardous venue?

But hey, it could be worse. You could be plagued by a series of improbable tornadoes that target the Hollywood sign.

(Guess what movie I watched last night?)

AE said...

I think what's really impressive is that you took that picture in your office.

AE said...

I love TDAT! People here think that tornadoes are the craziest, scariest idea ever. (Except for the 40% or so of the population that moved here from the Midwest.) That scene must've been meant as some kind of fear exorcism.