Thursday, August 21


• Usain Bolt Got it DONE. You already know this. He's fast. Its been a nightmare two weeks for Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay. All of a sudden, you look irrelevant and worse of all...slow.

• Anyone see the Bahrain runner in the women's 200? Wearing a full-body modesty suit? Could be the perfect illustration of past meets future.

• Just saw the Women's Water Polo team lose the gold to the Dutch. We really needed that Gold, ladies. You've failed us for the final time. Release the sharks.

• Oh, I could look it up, but what are all these events the Chinese are winning Gold in? Holy smokes. Here it is. We can catch them if somehow every member of the men's basketball team has their gold medal counted.

• Speaking of letting all of America down. Softball team...that will haunt you until the end of time.

• Our Nancy Grace diving announcer sounds like she's just as sick of diving as I am.

• Gymnastics ends and you breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, its over. But wait!... A FUCKING GALA EVENT!! Figure skating does the same thing.

• Not very nice Miss Amanda Beard. Not nice at all.

• Misty May...tossing your mother's ashes willy-nilly all over the place is kinda weird.

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timmmii said...

speaking of losers, nice going women's relay team. keep blaming it on voodoo. then again, maybe the Jamaicans put a hex on the Americans.