Monday, August 18


• Gotta feel for Liu Xiang. Gotta feel for the Chinese fans. What a disappointment for everyone.

• Who might be the worst judge of talent in the world? Usain Bolt's coach. The idea Bolt had to beg him to let him start running the 100 is insane....speaking of insane...

• Usain Bolt's performance in the 100. When watching live I was a little disappointed he didn't break the world record...He let up with 20-30 meters to go...dominant win, but no world record. HOLY SHIT HE DID set the world record. Amazing.

• He may have let up for the $$. Big-time meets in Europe pay bonuses for world records set. Watch for Bolt to lower his WR in a few weeks/months.

• For American announcers to call an athlete out for showboating is pretty funny. We invented that monster. Preaching to a kid from Jamaica (Jamaica!) about behaving themselves in victory is hypocritical.

• NBC turn the volume down on the damned commercials.

• Jeremy Wariner. Keep your glasses on. You look weird.

• Hurdlers do a lot of pre-race visualization. That's why they look crazy and talk to themselves.

• Will the diving never end?

• I know its PC to not care about the medal count, but I care about the medal count. I like for my team to win.

• I love the Fosbury Flop. I love the Hammer Throw. Trampoline makes me dizzy and Dressage makes me drowsy.

• American shot-putter Adam Nelson came to Beijing and fouled on all three throws. Maybe your technique is a little over complicated.

I now feel like Larry King. Time to go.

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