Tuesday, July 29

Ok. THAT was my first earthquake

Wow. Normally i expect that every little shake on our floor (7 of 19) is the start of an earthquake, but Its always just been someone upstairs moving something or the wind. Not this time. When it didn't stop ...and KEPT GOING. I knew what it was. Some people took off down the stairwell. I went to look out the window. Turns out that's the worst thing you can do. Oh well. Hard to describe the feeling, but it kinda gives you a little vertigo and gives you a lot of nervous energy...when you realize what just happened. Its terrifying to think what a big one would feel like. The mind boggles.

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timmmii said...

yeah, they are scary, no question. however, i still think tornadoes are probably scarier, though both are equal in your loss of self-control.