Friday, May 23


John Carpenter/The Fog Soundtrack
Cut//Copy/Bright Like Neon Love
Cut//Copy/Saturday EP
Cut//Copy/Lights and Music EP
Cut//Copy/In Ghost Colors
Maybe Its Reno/Maybe Its Reno
Stereolab/Fab Four Suture
Airport Symphony/VA

• In Ghost Colors is really good. Super catchy. The other Cut//Copy stuff is not as good. Maybe i'll like it more later.
• Kiln keeps getting better. Great droning electronic music.
• Maybe Its Reno reunites members of 90's era D.C. rockers Unrest. Pretty good. Not quite Unrest and not quite Air Miami.
• Stereolab is a compilation of some EPs they recently released.
• Airport Symphony is a disappointment.
• The Fog...I'm a sucker for John Carpenter synth work because...ITS GREAT. I'm going to see The Fog and The Thing as a double feature next month.

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