Wednesday, March 19

Much Better This Time

Saw Black Moth Super Rainbow again last night at the Knitting Factory on Hollywood Boulevard. Much better this time. I saw BMSR last fall in Pomona and the sound was really bad (so much so the vocalist apologized to me at the merch table). You couldn't hear the vocals AT ALL. The video presentation was good, but they didn't have around 3/4 of the way in...the video restarted from the beginning. OUCH. I blamed the horrible acoustics of the venue and the green-ness of the band so It didn't taint my love for them, but I was wary. At $12 a ticket it was easy to be adventurous.

They solved the sound issues and it looks like they hired someone to streamline and tighten-up the video presentation. Mostly juxtapozed video of really bad horror movies, puppets and Richard Simmons. Really. The music would lend itself to more pastoral images, but they went in the "Look! Isn't the world weird as hell when you slow it down and REALLY look at it?" direction. I agree.

The venue was yet another fantastic, clean, patron-friendly music venue in L.A. It pays to be in a town where the main industry is entertainment....they do these things right.

• The GIGANTOR guy standing next to me who made the floor bounce when he danced, "Sorry about hitting you dude, I just have to get my groove on." * actual quote.
• Seeing the freak-ball bassist in his shorts, headband and monster beard.
• Never seeing the vocalist. I think he sits down on stage.
• Richard Simmons rockin to the oldies.


• Paying more for parking than for my concert ticket. Bah!

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