Tuesday, March 25


I'm still working on listening to all this, so impressions are limited. Pretty good so far. Street value of all this would be roughly $100 (if cd were purchased) for me it was $19.95. Not bad. Sure beats going broke*

• Jan Jelinek/Hub Tierbeobachtungen: Live version of the album performed by other artists. Ambient experimental.
• Disckjokke/Staying In: Downloaded on a review I read. Downtempo house. Title track is fun.
• Kelley Polar/Love Songs of the Hanging Gardens: Another review-based download. Some good tracks.
• Stephen Malkmus& The Jicks/ Real Emotional Trash: We try to stay current here at TB2EB
• Scrawl/Plus, Also, Too: We also like to look to the past. Columbus alterna-rockers we're proto-indie rockers. I have their greatest hits album and wanted to hear them in their natural state and time. This entry was a bit wordy I admit.
• Destroyer/ Trouble In Dreams: On paper I should hate Destroyer (He's an indulgent singer-songwriter) But his stuff does grow on you.
• Mission Of Burma/ Signals, Calls and Marches (reissue): R.E.M. likes them and so i must as well. I actually never heard much by them so I downloaded to find out. Pleased so far.
• Ministry/ The Last Sucker: Oh Ministry why can't I quit you? Actually, I had quit Ministry. Pitchfork had some OK things to say about this one so why not? Uncle Al can probably use the money.

* I wouldn't go broke, i'd just go without.

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