Friday, March 21

Tourney Notes

•Marquette can go to hell.
•Ass Kicking of the Tournament: UCLA could have scored zero points in the 2nd half AND STILL won by 10. Mississippi Valley State score 29 total points. Ouch
•Marathon Man: 4 Games in a row is a lot, but highly enjoyable. At some point you zone out and just take it in. It becomes very relaxing. My ass did hurt though.
•Poor Choice: Never order a chili dog at a sports arena. The mess was catastrophic.
•Tree terror: The Stanford Tree was there. Looking menacing and funny all at once.
•Ithaca Is Boring: I was hoping scrappy Cornell would step-up and give Stanford a game. Nope. Cornell was painfully out muscled by the bigger, stronger Stanford Cardinal. I literally fell asleep during the game. In my defense I woke up at 5:45 am
•Strangest cheer Yell Leaders: Texas A&M. Hulking guys with buzz-cuts who looked like they stepped out of a time machine from 1954. What do they do? Yell a little- pump their fists- make had signals to the fans. It looked like some kind of hand-jive.
•Time Waster: With time-outs coming every 4 minutes of game-time I was able to read Newsweek and Sports Illustrated cover to cover by the end of the day. Every article, letter to the editor, commentary.....What I learned. Some people hate William F. Buckley/ The War is different now/ There are no Grizzly Bears in California/ Jay Z and LebRon James are fuck buddies friends and Elliot Spitzer has an ugly face.
•Tools: The guys behind me talked a lot. About a lot of stuff. None of it interesting.


timmmii said...

Poor Choice - Including this tidbit. Catastrophic, even.

Yell Leaders - i immediately disliked them (though i did watch the video, i was curious). But i'm also biased against anything texas-related, and it just reminds me that Bush was a cheerleader. i would bet they get laid a lot though.

Stanford Tree - freaks me out. how did i not know about the tree? that's just weird.

timewaster - awesome that you read 2 mags cover to cover. i want to know more about the jay-z/lebron james reference. and agreed on spitzer.

Mike_R said...

The Jay Z/ Lebron thing was a column by some naive SI writer who was defending their relationship as strictly friendly and non-business. Hmmm. Jay Z is a big-time owner of the Nets and Lebron is a free agent in a few years. Its insane to think those two aren't planning a James move to Brooklyn (where the nets are moving to)