Wednesday, February 13


Because I know you are too shy to ask i've started counting the number of times I sneeze in a day. I'll do this for a week.
This should be an adventure on par with conquering Everest and finding the source of the Nile.
You are welcome.


Mike_R said...

WEDNESDAY: 7 sneezes. Nothing crazy, really. It was looking bad until I decided to start counting them. Then it slowed down.

Mike_R said...

THURS: 2 sneezes. Feeling pretty silly right now.

timmmii said...

you need to keep going on the sneeze tally. please. it's for our children.

Mike_R said...

Hovering around 5-6 sneezes per day.
Usually at work. Usually after I eat.
nothing too crazy, but i never hear the people in the offices next to me sneeze. So i still think I sneeze more than the average bear.