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The second Godzilla movie is more action and smash than Gojira. The story starts with Tsukioka and Kobiyashi flying over the Pacific in their sea planes searching for schools of fish. When they spot the fish, they radio to their ships at sea who head for the fish..Oh who the hell cares! When Kobiyashi crash-lands on a deserted Island he's suprised to find Godzilla...and ANOTHER monster.
Q: Did Godzilla die in the last movie?
A: Yes
Q: Then how...
A: Shut the fuck up.

Kobiyashi: destined for greatness or horrible death. Same thing.

When Tsukioka and Kobiyashi return to Osaka they inform the authorities of the new Godzilla threat and the New Monster.
Our dour professor from the last film is on hand to identify the new monster as an Angiusaur or Angirus. Anguris has horns, walks on all fours and has a whiny, sad wail.
I love Anguris.
Instantly the authorities decide Godzilla is headed toward the Japanese coast and hatch a plan to keep him from making landfall. They track him and when he gets close to Osaka they'll hit the lights and lead him back out to sea with pretty flares.

Magical Oil Painting Island.

Anguris in his high school yearbook.

For a second straight movie I feel we have no chance against these beasts.

The plan works great until there is a cock-up involving escaped prisoners and a flamable gas truck. Boom goes the dynamite and Godzilla decides to destroy Osaka for the hell of it.

Like Daniel Craig as James Bond, Godzilla knows how to come ashore in style.

Notice the sweet Godzilla figure used for easy tracking.

You'd destroy cities too if you had teeth like Jewel Godzilla.

Mid-destruction who arrives, but Godzilla's old foe Anguris. They fight it out and destroy double the property than the could by themselves, including Osaka Castle. The fight is brutal by men in rubber suits standards and it ends when Godzilla puts the dental clampdown on Angurius’ throat. He then torches the corpse. Osaka is equally torched.

Anguris, bored at home, follows Godzilla to Japan.

Godzilla, not pleased to see his frienemy Anguris, reacts the only way he knows. With city-destroying violence.

RIP Anguris: 100,000bc–1955

Godzilla escapes to the sea...whereabouts unknown. Until...Kobiyashi spots The G-man on another deserted island. The Japanese Defense Forces attack the strangely imoblie Godzilla on the island. After Kobiyashi pilots his plane into a mountain the JDF realize the best way to attack Godzilla is to target the mountain and try to bury Godzilla alive under rock and ice.

Success! Godzilla takes out dozens of planes, but the flyboys get the job done and bury Godzilla forever.
The end!

Kobiyashi is about to find out what Godzilla had for lunch.

The answer. Seals, Tuna and Strontium death.

This is what happened to JFK Jr. No one wants to admit it.

Fuck bombing the Monster, bomb the mountain.

Sadly, this model pilot is about to meet a miniature death.

Gigantis Godzilla buried alive in ice. Never to be seen again...ever. Never.

FILMS: Godzilla Raids Again
YEARS: 1955/1959 in U.S.
SERIES: 3 of 26
MONSTERS: Godzilla, Anguris
DESTROYED: Osaka, Kobiyashi
NOTABLE: Osaka Castle
DEATH TOLL: Hundreds, although evacuations were pretty thorough.

The film was called Gigantis: The Fire Monster when released in the U.S. Godzilla was called Gigantis throughout the movie and someone decided to switch the monster’s roars. So Godzilla sounds like Anguris. Its really, really distracting.


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AE said...

I like that Godzilla is buried in a cooler full of ice cubes. I am totally going to reenact that finale this summer.