Wednesday, January 30

I could have written this post 4 years ago when Obama made his speech to the Democratic National Convention in Boston. I support Barack Obama for President of anything he wants. After 28 years of someone named Clinton or Bush in the White House (Pres or Veep) its time for a change. Obama be thy name.
PLUS it would be nice to have a candidate who could actually beat the Republican nominee...I'm looking at you Hillary...
So, Super Tuesday I'll be walking to some neighbor's garage (really) and casting my vote. GO OBAMA.

ilustration by shepard fairey
check out his stuff at OBEY GIANT


Kelly said...

Speaking of Obama, looks like I'm out of the Presidential pool. How will you feel when you have to dole out four iTunes gift cards?

Mike_R said...

well...there are tie-breakers in place.