Monday, January 21


I loved this movie. (Big shock) It was just what I wanted. A glorified home video of a massive and destructive spectacle. Yeah, its a dumb thrill ride. Sure there isn't much character development. But holy fuck it was cool and fun to look at and there is absolutely no shame in that.
Its no stretch to say i've been waiting all my life to see this movie. I LOVE disaster and giant monster movies, but they've always left me a bit sad because they almost never take the subject seriously. Its always either super campy (Independence Day, Godzilla) or a Love Boat episode with some elements of disaster thrown in to give the ensemble cast something to do (Earthquake, Armageddon)- I wanted serious, massive, realistic destruction without some BS hollywood formula.
Its not every day you get to see these thing so let's see it. Put me there.
I've decided this will be the first film since Raiders Of The Lost Ark I will see in the theater again during its first run.

Also: Here's a hint to avoid sickness. Don't sit too close to the screen. Give your field of vision some context rather than fill it with the screen.

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AE said...

I want you to do a "For Your Health" video about the last paragraph of this post