Monday, December 24


AE got me the CHARLEY HARPER AN ILLUSTRATED LIFE book for Christmas. It is fantastic. Nearly 3-feet wide when opened. Many of the images are given full pages and its printed on this great paper that even smells good- An obvious labor of love for Todd Oldham.
And what a career. Harper had been drawing and illustrating since the 50s. Car magazines, cookbooks, biology books.
Gotta say. Cincinnati really underused this guy. The town should be covered in his work. Murals, public art etc.
This is one of those perfect things where you'd love to have it, but you could never buy it for yourself. Therefore the perfect gift. Thanks! I love it.

2 comments: said...

Awesome! I must say I'm quite jealous. I got a Harper print from my parents for my bday which was a nice surprise. Hopefully I can save enough to purchase myself a copy of the book. I plan on having a lemonade sell this summer.

Kelly said...

Lucky - both of you! I would love that book and/or a Harper print.