Monday, December 3

They Dey

Since I bought my WHO DEY t-shirt last year the Bengals have lost to....Arizona, Buffalo, Kansas City, Seattle, Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, San Diego, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Denver, Pittsburgh x3, New England x2 for a record of 9-16.
So, wearing this t-shirt is pretty silly at this point. Everyone/Anyone can beat the Bengals. This shirt/slogan really only makes sense when you win more than you lose.
I feel like I may have brought it on myself because i never really like "WhoDey" as a chant. Its dumb and low rent. Not to mention delusional. In my defense when I bought the shirt the Bengals were coming off their playoff year and had started the season 3-0. To say I was excited barely describes my mood so cut me some slack.

So, what to do with this shirt? I can't wear it in public. The line of people forming to declare "We Dey" would make getting around impossible. I thought about sending it back to the team with a letter that said.

Dear Bengals,
As a fan i've done my part. i cheer. i spend money. I go to games. I even bought this shirt to show my pride.
Because you play so poorly and with so little heart i can't wear this shirt anymore. I'm still a fan, but this shirt makes me look like a chump. Please feel free to re-sell this item.

Then i was was listening to Benglas Line on WLW and a player mentioned fans sometimes send in their shirts to show disgust with the team. The player saw this as a sign as a fair-weathered fan. I disagree. But i'm not going to be that guy.

So. the shirt.
I'm open to suggestions.


tina b. said...

i say you add text to it.

for example 'think they are'

on the front add ...
on the back add 'losing to'
and then add that impressive list of loses you've just noted.

or perhaps,
'cause these aren't my bengals'

get crafty mikey, i know you can.

Lance said...

You could trade it in for a red one. It's time to move on. Accept the Bengals for what they are and focus on the Reds.

One could argue that they over paid for a closer, but it certainly improves the worst bull pen in baseball.

As we speak, Krivsky is working on a trade to bring a starter to town. It will be the final piece of the puzzle to make us a contender.

Who - Dey, you ask? Who - cares, I say!


AE said...

"Accept the Bengals for what they are and focus on the Reds."

good advice lance! that seems to be a yearly ritual for mike.

tim said...

I expect you to be wearing that in our football war we're attending this Saturday in my fair city. Let the slightly less shitty team win!

buck poon