Friday, December 14

I Believe!

That this movie was awful.
But We had a really good time watching it.
Good thing all this energy was put into making this kid believe in Santa know. Because he's real.
So really. I understand the idea is to teach kids its ok to believe in something illogical and unprovable. That the power of belief is sometimes more important than the facts. Totally get it, but does it undermine your goal by attaching this lesson to Santa Claus? I'm pretty sure they will figure it out and when they do won't they associate it with being tricked?
And do kids really have a belief deficency? Projecting a bit are we?

And the human element of the animation was really terrible. May want to perfect that a little more.
yes. it came out in 2004, but I just saw it so fuck off.


Mike_R said...

The Polar Express. I'm sure you knew already.

Kelly said...

If you had watched it at the Cincinnati Zoo, they would have thrown snow on you and blown the smell of cocoa into the theater.

Also, it would've been only 20 minutes long.

Advantage: Zoo.

AE said...

Damn. Zoo 1, Art Boy 0.

Would it be the smell of very hot chocolate? It has to be very hot, just the way every kid likes it. said...

I agree, the movie was awful and the human element to the animation was even worse. Its the same guy who just did Beowolf. I hate it.

The actual childrens book is quite good and has really nice artwork. said...

agreed, that movie was awful and the human element to the animation is terrible. its the same guy who just did beowolf. its like if you want it to look real, then just use live action instead of making creepy looking 3d characters.

by the way the childrens book was quite good with really nice illustrations. i believe it won a caldecott. said...

sorry for the double post. i was having computer problems. lame i know.