Friday, November 2

Game 6 Recap

The good news is I made a move to center for the game. I like center better than the wing because it allows me to roam a little more and chase after the puck. I also like taking the face-offs. Keeps my head in the game and is fun. I wasn't great, but I won a few draws. We lost. Another close one. We'll turn it around soon.

GAME: 6/20: 2nd line Center: 0 goal: 0 assists: 0 penalties
SEASON:6/20: 1 goal: 0 assists: 0 penalties
NEXT GAME: Wed Nov. 7

Notes: The guy playing against me looked familiar. All game it bugged me and finally I screwed up the courage to ask if i knew him. He laughed and said "Were you a big fan of the TV show Evening Shade?" "Of course!" I answered. Well, he said "I'm Charles Durning."
"No." I said. "You are a God."

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