Tuesday, September 4

The Worst Kind Of Trap

Who should be held responsible for the Michigan defeat by the Appy State Mountaineers? The guy who scheduled them. The first two weeks of the season is basically pre-season. Big programs pay smaller programs big $$ to come to their house and take a beating. Its win-win... kinda. The fans get the shaft. So Michigan schedules 1-AA powerhouse Appalachian State to take a beating. The problem here is you pick a team that's used to winning and belives in itself. Combined with the MIchigan players looking past them = Big House disaster.
Michigan would have been better off scheduling a 1A team that's a doormat.

There is no upside to playing the defending national champ in 1-AA. No one knows about them. ASU is better than a large percentage of 1-A teams, but you get no credit because all people see is they play in a lower division.

Michigan could gain nothing from this game.

Sadly. This may mean more and more lopsided games opening weekend for college football. Why take a chance? play Temple or UAB...get your win and wait until the conference schedule starts.

And btw. I love that Michigan lost. (Sorry Jon). The idea of all those Wolverine fans pouting and stunned is fantastic. Ann Arbor had to be the Whine capital of the world saturday.

Michigan beats Oregon by 20 next saturday.


Kelly said...

Man, that was a fun game. And not just because the Wolverines are, like, my sworn enemies. I was in Columbus for the Youngstown State game, and everyone in the bars was going nuts.

P.S. The Charlotte Observer reported that when the Mountaineers won, the Wal-Mart in Boone, N.C. made an announcement over the PA. Cute!

Kelly said...

P.P.S. I think the worst kind of trap is the glue kind.

Mike_R said...

I agree about the glue trap. I have a horrible childhood memory of a mouse in a glue trap that would give Stephen King the creeps...if it was a glue trap in Maine.

Mike_R said...

I guess michigan didn't beat Oregon by 20...jeez.

Jon said...

Yeah, turns out we're not any good.