Monday, September 17

Monday Morning Quarterback*

*I mock you Peter King edition!

1: So, Jared Lorenzen didn't start and Eli Manning had a pretty good game. Shows what i know.
2: Norv Turner is an idiot. Way to take what should have been a distraction for the other team and make it YOUR distraction. Genius move Norv.
3: The Bengals game wore me out. Mentally and physically. i couldn't (can't) handle 16 weeks of that.
4: Jim Rome is a bitch.
5: isn't it time we stop putting "gate" on the name of scandals. Its such a baby-boomer thing to do. Make it stop I say.
6: Into The Wild may be a good movie, but from the trailer it looks like a solid 45 minutes will be the kid raising his arms in majestic triumph against a beautiful backdrop. THAT won't get old.
7: Before beating Louisville, Kentucky hadn't beaten a top 10 team in football since 1977. Fun win. Fun game.
8: Why do so many people hate USC? Because they play their song EVERY 10 MINUTES.
9: I really miss P!nk performing the Sunday Night Football theme...*shudder*
10: The celebrity-coach-player- introduction thing they do on ESPN and ABC is not working. Its dull, it ruins the flow of the game and its REALLY DUMB. Not one person tunes in for that. Not one.
11: AL Michaels loves his puns and John Madden loves food.

Coffeenerdness: Today i drank some coffee. Isn't that exciting? its not? Really?...No way.

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AE said...

One of my coworkers said losing to Cleveland is like losing to a chess club. Is that true?