Wednesday, September 12

Calm Down People

And by 'People' I mean Tony Kornheiser.
Your excitement over the Chad celebration was embarrassing. Calm down. You are not a 15-year-old girl dressing like Gwen Stefani because you are all Harajuku.
Or something like that.

Anyway. The touchdown was much cooler than the show off part. I'm kinda (read: totally) over the end-zone celebrations. You made your name Chad*...everyone knows you are good. No need to show off anymore. I propose the camera stay on Carson after touchdowns...see how he acts. It would be far more interesting. He probably high-fives his linemen heads to the sideline and gets a drink of water (gatorade is too showy. He just needs water.)

Maybe I do hate fun. Good. Fun thinks it can do anything just because its fun.

*Still love Chad. He has a long way to go before I truly get annoyed by his antics.


Kelly said...

I kind of liked when Carson was being interviewed at halftime during a preseason game (Falcons?), and Chad was tickling his ear.

I'm sick to death of all the hype about his celebrations, though. Just do them and don't talk about them, because they always fail to live up to the hype.

P.S. The ear thing? Carson never flinched.

Gina said...

The real sideshow is all the make-up Tony is wearing. Damn, girl.