Thursday, August 9


Its my first. A 4.5 in the valley meant one big jolt here in Santa Monica.
It was over before it started and I wondered if it wasn't the car that just drove by. No way. Too violent
(nothing in the house moved or fell) But you could hear it and feel your equilibrium shift in the split second it happened.

wondering if I truly felt the earthquake I went to the USGS site and waited for the quake map to refresh. Sure enough, in a few minutes a big red square appeared - indicating a moderate quake in had just occurred in the San Fernando Valley.


within 15 minutes the L.A. Times had a small alert on the top and a place to answer if you felt it.
The NBC station also did a small crawl during Conan O’Brien with the news.

by the way...the cats's didn't notice or care one bit.

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Eileen said...

We had an earthquake when I lived in California and I thought it was a truck driving by my place, too. Then I realized my bedroom was way in the back of my apartment and that would have had to have been a heck of a truck.