Tuesday, July 10

Arli$$ Haunts My Dreams

HBO has been promo-ing the hell out of three shows: Assume The Position with Professor Wuhl; Bob Saget That Ain't Right and Real Time w/Bill Maher.
Really? This is the mighty HBO?
Who does Robert "Newbomb Turk" Wuhl have photos of at HBO? First the God-awful Arli$$ and now an hour of him acting like a professor? Sounds great. I'll be sure to stay in Saturday nights.
Then we have Bill Maher bitching and moaning because everyone isn't as smart as he thinks he is. Delightful. Can't wait to see that. How long do you think he will live off getting fired from Politically Incorrect?
And finally Bob Saget? Why? Because he was on a pair of family shows and now he curses. Wow. Pretty sad when cursing is the only interesting thing about you. No one made you do FH and AFHV. You cashed the checks.....not enough dignity to salvage I guess...

Well, at least John From Cincinnati is good...oh, hold on. No, its not.

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Ronson said...

I think the Bob Saget show is the worst (though I hate all three for various reasons). But Saget's schtick is how he's the family programming guy turned naughty! It's as sad a plea for cred as his cameo on Entourage...