Sunday, July 8

Shoes on!

Not quite the next "Whistle While You Work"- Still, what 10-year-old kid wouldn't love to hear a song about doing your chores featuring Helen Reddy and Mickey Rourke cavorting on a monster phallic symbol....err....lighthouse.

What this movie needs is a dragon.

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Kelly said...

Things I learned from this video:

- Painting a gigantic lighthouse can be FUN! If you paint only three square feet of it.

- Seems a little cruel to sing "All our brazzle-dazzle years have just begun" with poor Lampie clearly on his last legs and all.

- But still, he hauls that painting whatsit way better than Nora.

- Who needs Windex when you have your ass?

- They'll never get the Rourke smell out of that lighthouse now.

- Awesome musical segue! "You know what? ::starts singing:: It's a brazzle-dazzle day..." I plan to start using this maneuver whenever the weather is fine.