Friday, June 15

Good Riddance

Not to the show. I loved the show. I've just HAD IT with the stories about the show and people talking about who would be "whacked" from week to week. Really? That's what you got from this show? The next big thrill from someone getting killed. Yikes. Equally annoying...the lazy-writer use of Fugetaboutit! This god-awful phrase usually turned at the end of a story as a tacked on cheeky sign-off that really made no sense.
"What will happen to Tony and his dysfunctional family this season? Fugetaboutit!"*
"Tony continues to be haunted by demons...and his love of canoli. Fugetaboutit!"*

And to everyone looking for clues as to what happened after the screen went black. Fugetaboutit!

*all examples simulated.

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