Saturday, June 23

The Police....again

I saw the police at Riverfront Coliseum in Feb. 14, 1984 on the Synchronicity tour. I had the Synchronicity LP and I would play it constantly on my record player. Good stuff. I remember Sting cursed during SPIRITS IN THE MATERIAL WORLD...the line "poets, priests and politicans...' was followed with "what a fucking joke!" We'll see if he says it again tonight. He is tantric so repetition may be his thing ( by the way. I bet if Sting had a time machine he'd go back and never tell the press about his sexual stamina. How nearly EVERYONE has heard of this is amazing)-
I also have a signed backstage pass from from the show. Still have it with my other semi-valuables.
The opening group was Re-Flex who were riding high with their hit single, THE POLITICS OF DANCING. They disappeared after that, but the song lives on. Kinda.
Looking forward to the show. Outside at Dodger Stadium at dusk should be fantastic. I chose this over Staples Center and Honda Center strictly for the venue.
Watch this space for god-awful cell-phone photos.

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