Friday, May 11

Reds Lose 2-0

I'm on a 5-game west coast losing streak. haven't won a game since moving out here.
Got a sneaking and ugly suspicion i'll be 0-8 by the time this weekend is through.
PARKING: Not too bad.
CELEBS SEEN: George Lopez
SEATS: 1st base side. Mid level. Pretty good $28


Dan said...

Didn't watch the whole game game last night, but what the hell is up with the Reds and the west coast? they suck out there. maybe they can turn it around tonight.. sigh...

keep the posts coming, mike. i'm enjoying the Royer view of a ballgame via your blog.

Thanatos said...

I almost - almost - feel like blowing them off when they swing through Oakland.

Mike_R said...

Hey Thanatos. I have 3 good reasons you should go to Oakland:
1) Return to the scene of the Reds last Championship.
2) Hamilton and Griffey
3) Oakland is a magical land of oak trees, illegal street races, crack and Raiders bumper stickers...everywhere! said...

Thats funny, they showed George Lopez at the game. Apparently Alyssa Milano was there too and George Grande, being quite the comedian, made some sort of Who's the Boss joke/comment. Whatever.