Tuesday, April 3


Sounds like it could be a very precise suicide note, but its no.

1: Kentucky should forget going after Billy Donovan and should target that great coach Billy packer was mentioned all last night, BILLY DUNAVAN. Honestly, how many times did Packer say his name? I'm tempted to rewatch the thing and count.

2: If you like commercials then this was your Tournament. There were times when they'd play for literally 15 seconds and we'd go to break...again.

3: Is Bill Raftery brain-damaged? This is what happens when people tell you they like your catch-phrase. It happened to Chris "God-Awful" Berman and Clark "Spurtability" Kellog.

4: Let's end positive. Brewer and Humphrey just don't miss. That team deserves all the praise they get. True champions.

I went to bed before I had a chance to watch One Shining Moment. I'll watch it later and laugh my ass off.

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Kelly said...

My favorite part was the "Ode to Hands" during halftime.