Friday, November 3

Halloween film strip field trip

When we found out much of Halloween was filmed in South Pasadena we went on a sightseeing trip.

We found the intersection where the opening shot was taken. I've poorly re-created the shot.
Also, but not pictured was Laurie Strode's house ( Jamie Lee Curtis) and a stone wall where our heroines were menaced by The Shape in a station wagon ( not kidding. watch the movie)

Next. The old Myers house was literally moved from its previous location to a place near the train tracks where it is now home to a design firm of some kind.

I was a little worried I'd miss the seasons out here, but its really does feel and look like fall here. Maple leaves are falling and its gets dark at 5 p.m. Sure its 65-70* degrees, but its fall-ish.

* it was 90 today.

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