Monday, September 4

I bet Jon B. has been here....

Ok. I admit. It was a busy week for me. Four baseball games and a football game.
All on a budget and using public transportation as much as possible.
I'm kind of a geek about public transit. More on that some other time.

So. i figured..why not go to a sporting event where my team WON’T lose.
UCLA v. Utah was that game. I was rooting for UCLA and they did i guess that counts for something.

The big attraction for me was seeing the fabled Rose Bowl. Strange thing is its both huge and small. It holds a lot of people, but doesn’t seem massive like NFL stadiums. Must be b/c it doesn't have an upper deck.

I love visiting new sports arenas. I get kind of a rush out of it. Sports, culture and architecture all in one.

(look out. I just discovered you can take a train from Los Angeles directly to the California Speedway on race day. I'm there next year. An auto race withouth parking or traffic woes? thats almost impossible)

hey! its another panorama.

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